Ribs & Burgers, Northcote

My grandparents were in town and daddy bear wanted to take them to try out Ribs & Burgers (yes, he is more hip than I am) so we had a whole fam bam outing and made our way to the Northcote one at Northcote Plazza. Baby A suggested to make a booking since he said the eatery was quite small so I called up and they don’t take reservations (WHAT??? Why?? I don’t want to waittttt) and said there are usually seats free around 7:30PM so in we went.

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St. Burgs, Maribyrnong

The new burger joint on the westside has opened up and it was St. Burgs. I haven’t been so stooge 1 (stooge 2 was out of action being sick) took me here to satisfy our burger cravings. It’s located in an apartment block and we got there at 6:30PM on a Thursday night and it was empty.

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Big Boy BBQ, Melbourne

Decided to finally go to Big Boy BBQ as I’ve heard lots of people raving on about it.  Entered the little shop and it was such a boy’s place to dine.  Sauces on the table, large plastic red cups and american slow cooked meats with unlimited soft drinks refill!! We couldn’t decide what to get so we finally decided to get the little boy platter to share amongst three (I’ve got a teeny tiny stomach and there was too much meat)! So on the platter we got the pulled lamb shoulder, saucy beef brisket and ½ lamb ribs!  When it came out and was huge!! However, I found it to be a tad salty and it wasn’t really my cup of tea.


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