Hihou, Melbourne

I was taken here by one of my two stooges and decided to take Mr. D and a friend Miss Pear back. What I love about this place is to get into the bar/lounge, you need to press the doorbell and someone will open the door and let you in (yes the door is locked, always checking). Once you enter they will ask how many people and if there’s space and in you go.

Turned out we were lucky and was able to get into the lounge area!! As the lounge area is carpeted and huge lounge chairs, we were asked to take off our shoes (yay novelty!) and leave them at the shoe rack. As soon as we got comfy and seated (or lay down), the waiter come by with the drinks menu and warm hand towels so we can be clean to start our drinking (great service!).

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Neapoli Wine Bar, Melbourne

The Lion King Musical has finally hit Melbourne and of course another excuse for date night.  The lovely boyfriend took me to a surprise dinner date at Neapoli Wine Bar but obviously while he was leading me there I kept thinking to myself “why does he keep insisting going down the dark alley ways?” But as soon as we got to the wine bar, I was blown away.

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