Zonzo Estate, Yarra Glen

The stooges were due for a catch up so we decided to visit Zonzo since well, we all love the yarra valley and we love our wines. We booked Zonzo a few weeks in advance and even then we were lucky to get a spot as it was super duper packed on the day. Also an FYI, you need to place a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold a reservation so be prepared for that. Anywho, the place is beautiful surrounded by a vineyard and just breathtaking scenery like everywhere else in the winery. When we arrived we were seated on a long communal table (yes, nearly all the tables were communal which was very community like which was nice) and started our ordering spree. 

For starters we got two pizzas. The first one was proscuitto which absolutely AMAZEBALL! The pizza base, oh my gosh, it was light, it was fluffy, it was just AMAZEBALL! The toppings were oh so fresh and the flavours were just so delicate. Definitely a must if you do come here.

Pizza Con Prosciutto – $24
Pomodoro, mozzarella, baby spinach, prosciutto crudo, mini roma tomatoes & parmesan

The Ricotta pizza was a touch burnt and found it lacklustre compared to the prosciutto one. It was quite rich in flavour where we found it a touch sickening after our second slice.

Pizza Con Ricotta – $24
Pomodoro, ricotta, pine nuts, sauteed spinach & mini roma tomatoes

For the first main we got the ravioli with spanner crab and boy oh boy, this was my favourite dish! It was subtle, it was full of flavour and on top of that, I could have more!!

Ravioli Con Granchio – $32
Handmade ravioli with spanner crab, lemon, butter & thyme

We also got the slow cooked lamb in red wine and found the lamb to be quite ‘meaty’ in taste which we didn’t quite enjoy. There were only 4 porcini mushrooms which was not a lot at all (please put more in!!). We found the lamb to be quite dry and was on the salty side.

Arrosto Di Agnello – $29
Slow cooked lamb in red wine and porcini mushrooms accompanied with green beans & roasted potatoes

As we finished our mains we wanted our desserts since we needed to vacate our table in 30minutes. Now, the disappointing experience we had was that we had to ask staff 3 times before the desserts came out and it took a good 5 minutes before anyone would give us attention so we could ask for our request (what??). When the desserts finally arrived, all our troubles went away. The panna cotta was damn amazing! It was smooth, it was silky and it was jiggly. The orange syrup was AWESOME SAUCE and this was pretty darn good!!

Panna Cotta – $12
Orange infused panna cotta served with a Cointreau & orange syrup

Now, I didn’t have high expectations for the mousse and when it came out, there was a pot of cream next to it. I tried it and it blew my mind. The mousse was so rich, so fluffy and so light and it was more of a dark chocolate but when you have it with the cream, it balanced out so well.

Mousse Di Cioccolato – $12
Belgian chocolate mousse

The pizzas and the desserts here were fantabulous. The ravioli was my favourite and the view and awesome! Definitely come by here if you have a chance if you want a girls / guys day out or just want to treat yourself (no judging!). Hopefully you’ll get better service than I did.

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957 Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd, Yarra Glen VIC 3775
Tel: (03) 9730 2500
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