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Uncle Tetsu is a name you’ll hear when you go to Sydney, “Get Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes!”, “Have you been to Uncle Tetsu’s?”, “How good are the cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu’s?”. Well fellas, Uncle Tetsu has finally opened up a store in Melbourne with another one pending (two stores?? WOOHOO!) so Melburnians, you no longer have to fly up to Sydney for these jiggly cheesecakes. There’s generally a line outside but it takes no longer than 10 minutes since everyone knows what they’re getting anyway.

It is a teeny tiny store but they are quite efficient. We got some Madelines to take home and Mr D loved them. I could taste a slight honeyness but it wasn’t very strong. They weren’t super sweet either but I found them to be a touch on the dry side and they are on the pricier end.

Madeline – $3.50

Of course you couldn’t leave the store without getting the infamous cheesecake. That jiggly goodness. Now, you can either eat it hot or cold and my preference is hot. It was more eggy and way fluffy when its hot but when you leave it in the fridge and have it cold, it was more cheesy and dense so of course, Mr D loved it cold. It was the same as when we had Uncle Rikuro in Osaka except it didn’t have any raisins.

Cheesecake – $18

Yes the cheesecake was quite small for the price but I would definitely recommend the cheesecake. However, it is a Japanese cheesecake so it will be more eggy and fluffy to what you’re use to and not as much cheese in it. Mr D will definitely be back for the Madelines.

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55 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3004
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