QLD: Phuong Trinh, Inala

Whilst being in good ol’ Queensland, mumsy bear and daddy bear were craving some Vietnamese food so Baby A took us to Inala and mumsy bear chose Phuong Trinh to try. Walking in, it was quite busy but the staff were so friendly and showed us to our table. We flicked through the menu, took a looksie and started our ordering spree.

I, of course, got my trust durian smoothie and boy oh boy, if you love your durian, this was super duper intense in flavour, just the way I like it. It was just a tad icy for me but then we were in QLD which meant this was refreshing for all.

Durian Smoothie (Sinh To Sau Rieng) – $4.50

The babies got a Vietnamese coffee and my oh my, it was delish, it was strong it was oh so yummilicious!

Vietnamese Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da) – $4

I got the Mi Xao thap cam since that’s my favourite at every Vietnamese restaurant. The noodles were AMAZEBALL! They were crunchy and the sauce was lovely and not too salty. There was also a generous amount of seafood which was a plus. However, I found a rubber band in my dish whilst eating it and the staff quickly apologised, grabbed my plate and went to get me a fresh new dish. That’s what I call service.

Combination Stir Fried Egg Noodle (Mi Xao Thap Cam Gion) – $13.50

The babies got the com dac biet which was basically com tam bi suon but it was called something different in QLD. We got a tad confuzzled but the staff were lovely enough to let us know which dish we actually wanted even though they had already made it and went back to add in the extra bits and pieces for us. J-Baby enjoyed this dish but did find the veggies not as fresh as they could be which was disappointing.

Special Rice (Com Dac Biet) – $11

Finally, Daddy bear got the trusty special pho. He found it to be very salty with no other seasoning in it. He was oh so disappointed and ate it begrudgingly.

Special Beef Rice Noodle Soup (Pho Dac Biet) – $11

I did quite enjoy this place and I will definitely return if we’re up in Inala and mumsy bear needed her dosage of Vietnamese food. I wouldn’t recommend the Pho though, perhaps try the Banh Canh (mumsy bear tried that and it was absolutely mouthwatering).

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56 Corsair Ave, Inala QLD 4077
Tel: (07) 3879 6882

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