Persian Flavours, Forrest Hill

When Miss Chanel wanted to come back to Persian Flavours, who am I to deny her for an outing. So we booked the place at 6:30PM on a Tuesday night and boy, when we got there, the whole place was empty. Throughout the night people trickled in and a lot of customers came for the takeaway. Anywho, we were seated by the friendly staff and had a looksie through the menu.

Now, I didn’t know what to expect when we decided to go for Persian food. Looking at the menu, it was a mixture of middle eastern, Mediterranean and Indian cuisines all rolled into one. Well I love all those cuisines so I was super duper pumped and we started firing our order to the staff. I’m a huge sucker for drinkies and I got a persian dough because, well, I like trying drinkies from other countries. This drink is like a watered down yoghurt, so a diluted down lassi with a hint of freshness to it. I wasn’t a huge fan of it though which was disappointing.

Persian Dough – $3
Delight yoghurt, water, mint, black pepper and salt

We got some naans on the side which is basically bread. Of course we couldn’t just get the original naan but the garlic and the cheese one. The cheese one was fantabulous and you can definitely see the cheese. The garlic one, well it wasn’t as garlic-y as I’d have liked it to be (insert sad face here).

Garlic Naan / Cheese Naan – $2.50 / $3.90

When the prawn kebab came out, we were taken aback by the teeny prawns. Nonetheless, they were quite lovely, succulent and the tail was super duper crispy. The salad that came with it though, all I could taste was sourness for the dressing and nothing else. I’d just stick to the meat platter next time perhaps.

Prawn Kebab – $17.80

I was looking forward to the mushroom spicy which I expected it to be super spicy. When it came out, there wasn’t a hint of any spiciness at all which was oh so disappointing. The flavour was nice but it needed a bit more seasoning to it.

Mushroom Spicy (small) – $9
Mushroom, capsicum, ginger, yoghurt and tandoori sauce

The final and last dish was the chicken tikka curry. It was quite sweet and wasn’t too heavy which was a nice surprise. The flavour wasn’t as intense as you would find in an Indian restaurant.

Chicken Tikka Curry – $14.90
Charcoal chicken cooked with capsicum, onion, garlic, cashew nuts, coconut in gravy and butter sauce

The staff here were lovely, the place was quite nice when you go into the dining area and the food? Well, I found it not to be bursting with flavour which was quite disappointing.

We got a free main meal with the Entertainment Book at Persian Flavours. If you are interested in purchasing the Entertainment Book for loads (and I mean LOADS) of awesome sauce foodie discounts and 20% of memberships sold will go to Sane Australia, just click here.

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338 Springvale Rd, Forest Hill VIC 3131
Tel: (03) 9878 3087

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