NSW: Supper Lane, Newcastle

When work sends you away to Newcastle, you just have to try and make the most of it hence my eating adventure started again! After landing at night, I walked around the hotel in search of dinner and BAM I had supper lane in my sights. It looked quite busy for a Monday night so I shuffled in and got a table for 1 (cue the violins). The staff were super friendly and made me feel welcome at once.

First up, I got the miso cured fish (forgot which one) with creme fraiche. It looked so fresh and vibrant and I was so excited. However, it was a touch fishy and I didn’t enjoy that at all.

Market Fish – $20
Miso cured fish, apple, ginger, marjoram, creme fraiche

I saw Parfait on the menu and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to try it. When it came out, it was in a brandy snap net and when you crack it opened, the parfait was sitting there. I found it quite lovely with a sweetness to it. I did wish that they toasted the bread a little bit so that there was a crunchiness to it.

Parfait – $19
Chicken liver, Hilldale marmalade, brandy snap

Just to top it off, I got a croquette and when this came out, it looked like a little snowman. Saaah cute! I quite enjoyed this but it did need a touch of seasoning to it though.

Croquettes – $2.50 each
Provolone, Manchego, romesco

Finally for dessert I got a truffle and my gosh was this super duper rich. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the one for you. I would have liked perhaps a scoop of ice cream on the side. Better yet, have a cup of coffee or tea with it.

Truffle – $3
Peanut praline, chocolate 

Supper Lane is a great place for snacks and drinkies and I didn’t get a chance to check out the main dishes. Some dishes were great, others were average but overall, I did enjoy the atmosphere. Bonus points for being a 2 minute walk from my hotel!

14 Pacific St, Newcastle NSW 2300
Tel: (02) 4929 7299
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