Hakata Gensuke, Melbourne

Hakata Gensuke, the place where I’ve been told has the closest ramen to what they have in Japan (big claim I say). With our bellies empty and expectations high, the babies and I lined up outside to snag a table. We queued up around 15 minutes and the staff had given us an ordering sheet so once we got inside, everything would be super efficient and we’ll get our ramens ASAP.When you step inside, you’re greeted by the whole shop (if you’ve never experienced it before, they yell out welcome in Japanese and it is quite loud) and shown to your table. One of the babies got the black tonkotsu which made me question his choice when it came out due to its black colour. However, when you taste it, it was a touch garlic-y and sesame-y but everything was absolutely AMAZEBALL. So flavoursome, it did not disappoint.

Black Tonkotsu – $14
GENSUKE original tonkotsu broth with our special fried garlic and black sesame paste topped with homemade thin noodles, tender pork cha-shu, black fungus, and spring onions

I am a sucker for anything that has the word signature next to it so of course, I went for the signature tonkotsu. This wasn’t as heavy as the black tonkotsu but the flavour wasn’t super strong either. It was a nice mixture if you’re anything like a middle child and needs a balance of everything.

Signature Tonkotsu – $13
GENSUKE original pork broth which is perfect vessels for the full-bodied and collagen-rich pork bone soup, served with the homemade thin noodles, tender pork cha-shu, black fungus and spring onions

The ramen here was absolutely fantabulous but there wasn’t as much cha-shu as I would have liked. You can order sides which ranges from gyoza to chicken karage or even extra cha-shu. I’d definitely come back but only if I’m super duper hungry because the portions are quite large here. Friendly staff, good food, what more can one ask for? Well, a ferrari would be nice but that’s for another day.

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168 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9663 6342
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