A Hereford Beefstouw, Melbourne

Wondering the town for some dinner, Miss Teeth and I stumbled upon a steak eatery hidden away in the alleyway behind a wall of graffiti, A Hereford Beefstouw.

When we stepped inside we were greeted by the lovely staff and was shown inside. It was a very rustic scene and I was oh so excited seeing as there were quite a few city slickers all having steak.

Near the corner of the room stood the decanter for the house red which I thought was fantabulous and quite neat (YASSS I used the word neat!).

In the middle of the eatery stood the salad buffet. If you’re not into steaks, you have an option of having The Garden which is unlimited refills at the buffet. There is a huge selection from pickled everything to dairy products and even chia seeds. You can get the garden as a main course for $20 or as an entree with a main for $12.

Salad Buffet

Our forks and knives were placed in front of us and yes, we were a tad confuzzled. What was this contraption? How do we even use it? Never fear, you just stab and cut like you’d normally do with a regular knife and fork.

Miss Teeth also got chippies on the side. When they said it was for sides, they were literally for your sides. The portions were a tad on the small side and the chippies weren’t super crunchy which we would have liked. There wasn’t any seasoning either. A pinch of salt would have been enough.

Hand Cut Fries – $5

I got the beef filet (160g) and all meats are cooked medium-rare. This was exquisite. The beef was cooked to perfection and sure, it was the same size as the butter, but who cares when the taste was AMAZEBALL! 160g was the perfect size for me and the knife slices through the meat without any force required at all. The beef was juicy, flavoursome and oh so droolsworthy.

160g Fillet – $35

Miss Teeth got the Beef short ribs (250g) and was quite large in size. She was contemplating if she should get the 500g but the staff ensured her that 250g was quite large in quantity already. It was drenched in sauce which ticked Miss Teeth’s box and the meat itself was so tender that it practically fell off the bones. The downside of this dish was that it had quite a large amount of fat on it.

250g Beef Short Ribs – $25

Who can forget dessert?

Miss Teeth and I decided to share the dessert platter since it had a little bit of everything and we were feeling quite gluttonous.The dessert platter consists of (Top left corner going clockwise) Rice pudding, berries and cream, creme brulee and white and dark chocolate mousse. Now, we were super duper excited about the creme brulee but found that to be quite disappointing. It was a touch bland and very eggy. The berries and creme was a touch on the solid side and needed more flavour. The Rice Pudding was was lovely if you don’t bite into the marinated cherries because it has a very strong alcohol taste. Our favourite was the white and dark chocolate mousse. It was so fluffly and smooth and we could not get enough of that.

Dessert Platter for Two – $25

A hereford Beefstouw is a great place if you want somewhere quite casual with quality steak. I will definitely be back to take Mr D if he ever craves any steak but I definitely won’t be back for the dessert platter. If you guys do want dessert, I recommend just getting the White and Dark Chocolate Mousse and that should satisfy you. A Danish steakhouse with lovely staff, great beef, what more can a beef loving gal need?
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22 Duckboard Place,Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 8657 8508
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