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The signature blue sea salt flavoured soft serve, Aqua S has finally extended its wings and have landed in Melbourne. So I wanted (actually needed) to try it and convinced Mr Angry Asian to go after our work dinner. There was only 30 minutes before closing time so we ran as fast as our little legs could take us and BAM we were in front of Aqua S.


When we arrived, there were quite a few people but we soldiered on and queued up. Once we got to the counter and ordered our soft serves…dun dun dun…it was CASH ONLY so we had to run around looking for an ATM for some cash out (come on guys, how can you not take card? sigh!). Anywho, we came back with the cash and finished our order. I got the signature sea salt in a cone which cost $4 and the addition of a topping was $1.50 (WOAH! SO EXY!) so I decided to get the fairy floss. I was oh so disappointed with it. The soft serve was very smooth, very very smooth but the flavour was a bit out of whack. I thought it would have a tad of sweetness in it but it didn’t have any at all. It was just plain salty. The cone was very bland and the fairy floss was alright, until it dripped all over your hand while you’re eating.

Sea Salt with Fairy Floss – $5.50


I ordered for Mr Angry Asian because he just didn’t care what he got. I went for the matcha with fairy floss because, well, who doesn’t love matcha? This was pretty good but it wasn’t extraordinary.

Matcha with Fairy Floss – $5.50


The soft serves were quite smooth but it could have been more creamier. The staff were really friendly but when it was time to collect our order, they didn’t yell out our names loud enough so we almost missed it. It didn’t live up to the hype and I found that after eating it, I felt quite heavy. Sorry Aqua S but I won’t be queuing up for your ice cream any time soon.

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QV Melbourne, 16 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000
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