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Since the stooges haven’t been together for a while, this means we gotta re-unite and we all decided to check out another cuisine we haven’t tried – burmese food at Burma Lane. I made a booking for 3 on a Friday night at 6:30PM and the two stooges got there first and bagged our table. 

I rushed in and plonked my tooshie down and we looked over the cocktail menu. Stooge 1 and I got the Jungle Gin because we ABSOLUTELY LOVE our gins! This hit our gin spot and with a slice of cucumber, so refreshing.

Jungle Gin – $19.50


Stooge 2 however, tried to be different and got the grow the pear with rum. This was super duper sweet and not strong at all.

Grow a Pear – $19.50


There was a banquet option but we decided to be free range and go with whatever we felt like eating. First up, we got the Betal leaves with shredded fish, tomato pickle, lemongrass and coriander with a chili on top. I love things in betal leaves and this was no exception. This was a little pocket rocket and don’t worry, it’s not spicy at all. It’s a very south east asian flavour combination and it was absolutely mouth-watering. Recommended dish.

Betal Leaves with Shredded Fish – $7 each


The mains came and they they were pretty large dishes. We got the pork belly with pickled green mango, tamarind, tumeric and herbs. The pork belly was super duper crunchy and crispy on the outside but super moist and tender on the inside. If you’re a fan of pork belly, you will definitely enjoy this dish!

Pork Belly – $31


Next up, slow cooked lamb in yoghurt with peas and tomato biryani. The lamb was lovely but still had a lamb-y taste so I couldn’t finish it. The two stooges LOVED it and found it to be full of flavour. They needed to add more yoghurt though, a little bit stingy with the amount.

Lamb Slowed Cook in Yoghurt – $31


Our last shared dish was the stir-fried prawns with choko, green onion and egg. The prawns were the small ones and not the tiger prawns but they were very soft but nothing special about them (mumsy bear can make this). We found this last dish to be quite average and was the low light of the night.

 Stir-Fried Prawns – $30


We also got some paratha which are kind of like roti and this was AWESOME SAUCE! My favourite dish and it wasn’t a main or the small one! So crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside. Oh so DELISH!

Paratha – $4


Overall, some dishes were great and others were average and the service, well our waitress did not smile at us the whole night and basically gave us a cold shoulder which we were very disappointed since I’ve heard great things about Burma Lane. The service really impacted my dining experience at Burma Lane so I won’t be rushing to come back either and I’m glad we got a discount from the Entertainment Book considering the poor service.

The Stooges and I received 25% off the bill with the Entertainment Book at Burma Lane. If you are interested in purchasing the Entertainment Book for loads (and I mean LOADS) of awesome sauce foodie discounts and 20% of memberships sold will go to Sane Australia, just click here.

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