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It was ANZAC day which meant the dawn service will get people out of their beds and stay for the ANZAC parade. While Miss Train and I couldn’t get our butts out early enough, we did make it in time for the parade and shuffled on over to the Meatball and Wine Bar for some brekkie. The Meatball and Wine bar is the hot spot for catching up with friends over wine or good hearty food. However, due to the ever growing of popularity of breakfast, they have recently opened their doors for breakfast on the weekdays. So this was where I spent my morning with Miss Train.

While waiting for Miss Train to arrive, I got a chai latte. On the table there was a bottle of what I thought was honey, it turned out to be chili oil and luckily I stopped before any oil could drip in. Anywho, the lovely wait staff rushed over and gave me honey (thank gosh or else I’d have chili chai latte). I didn’t find the chai latte to be smooth or creamy at all which was disappointing. When Miss Train finally arrived, she got the lemon and ginger tea in a storm cup which means that it doesn’t come in the traditional teapot, but already brewed in a cup for you. She didn’t really enjoy it.

Lemon & Ginger Tea


Our first toastie was the bolognese toastie on sourdough bread. The bolognese was beautiful and so perfectly seasoned. However, the filling / toastie ratio was way off, they needed to increase the amount of filling. Other than that, lovely toastie.

Bolognese Toastie


In hind sight, we should have been more varied in our breakfast choices but when we saw a banana and nutella toastie, we had to get it (WE LOVE DESSERT!). This was served on a multi-grain toast (thanks…Miss Train) and there wasn’t anything exceptional about this at all. It’s really something you could make at home (Sorry GUYS!).

Banana & Nutella Toastie


Finally, we decided to end breakfast with crumpets with lemon curd. The crumpets came out and looked so dry and lifeless, which was the total opposite to what I had in my mind – think more fluffy like clouds. That was very disappointing. However, the lemon curd – oh my goodness, that curd! IT WAS AMAZEBALL! I could have this with EVERYTHING!

Lemon Curd Crumpets


The staff were lovely, the atmosphere is very casual and the food, well from what we had it was quite average. Perhaps I’ll have to come back and try out their breakfast hero and steer clear of those toasties.

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine by The Meatball & Wine Bar and Little Big Marketing and all opinions expressed are my own.

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