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After a long day of archery (yeah, trying something new at each outing), we were pooped and famished. Mr Skivvy and Miss Stalker booked a Spanish eatery close to home to satisfy our hunger – El Burro. It wasn’t busy when we entered but the staff were really friendly. We sat our tooshies down and looked through the menu. Since we couldn’t decide on what to get, Miss Stalker suggested the $45 menu and we all agreed!! Since we were at a Spanish place, we had to get a sangria and we all realised that none of us had ever gotten a white sangria so that’s what we got (ARGH!!). It was so fruity and so refreshing!

Blanco Sangria (1Lt) – $30


For starters, chips de Maiz came out. It includes corn tortilla chippies with guacamole and tomato salsa. The tomato salsa was awesome-ly refreshing and my gosh it was AMAZEBALL!

Chips de Maiz


Dippies came out next – baby beetroot, roasted capsicum/cashew and tzatziki. I loved the beetroot dip, it was so creamy. I’m not a fan of the roasted capsicum, didn’t really tickle my fancy. The tzatziki was pretty average though.

Tres Salsa


Miss Stalker and Miss Curly Fries chose the air dried salted beef with sun dried tomatoes these were pretty awesome! Very light and very summery (or autumn-y I guess).



Next up, fried calamari with aioli and lime. The calamarai wasn’t as crispy as I’d thought it’ll be and I loved that! It was slightly fried topped with a bit a aioli and lime, it was perfect.



Little scallops on top of chorizo, on top of caramelised apple (TETRIS!!) with a squeeze of lemon was placed on the table and I was super excited!! I popped the whole tower into my mouth and you get hit with the saltiness of the chorizo. I think it needs something to balance that out. The scallops were very succulent and the caramelised apple…YUMMO!!!



I didn’t really try the crumbed mushrooms with goat’s cheese since I wasn’t a fan of goat’s cheese (What? Cheese Queen doesn’t eat a type of cheese? How CRAZY!). However, the consensus was it was AMAZEBALL!!! Everyone on the table loved it so I think it’s a go to dish according to the party!



While chatting away, we were presented with chorizo with honey glazed and goat’s cheese on top. The honey glaze gave the chorizo a sweetness which was very welcoming. I picked the goat’s cheese off though…but I’m pretty sure it’ll go well with the chorizo.



When you thought you couldn’t have more chorizo, BAM another chorizo dish. This time it was chorizo and mushroom croquettes with tomato aioli. These were my fav!! So squish, so full of flavour, so ORGASMIC!!



Finally, a salad dish came out but guess what it contains….you got it, CHORIZO! It had a lemon herb dressing and it was very refreshing and not over powering at all. Great change to all the tapas.



A side dish of fried potatoes with aioli and salsa sofrito showed up (BOOM!) and they were in little cubes! Very crunchy on the outside and soft like clouds on the inside. Didn’t even need to add salt because it was perfectly seasoned.



Mr Skivvy sat up alert when the beef and pork meatballs with paprika, cayenne, peas,tomato came out on a hot pan. It was absolutely aromatic. The meatballs were very juicy and be warned, it packs a punch for those who are intolerant to spiciness (me!). Luckily the salad came out already so I counter balanced the spiciness with the oh so fresh salad.



After all the numerous shared plates, the main finally came out Mariscos Paella a.k.a seafood paella. I found it to be quite bland and it was really thick. The seafood though, El Burro is VERY generous with the mussels, prawns and rockling which means everyone is WINNING (SCORE!).

Mariscos Paella


My favourite part of dinner, DESSERT! If you’ve never had churros (spanish donuts) before, you’re in for a real treat. It is dusted (more like smothered) in cinnamon with a cup of dark (I mean super dark!) chocolate! This was AWESOME SAUCE! It’s a shame that it was one churro per person (come guys, how about 2??) though. Really great churros!



When you’re in Williamstown and you gotta smash that cravings for some spanish, I’d recommend El Burros. Friendly and attentive staff, great food and if you’re on instagram, hashtag #BURROGRAM and follow el burro and you get a chance of winning a $100 gift card (OH EM GEE!! DO IT!). Don’t forget the churros, it was the highlight of the night!

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