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It was Mr Burberry and Miss Teeth’s birthday bash and they chose to head on down to Sezar for some Armenian food. I decided to let Mr D take the lead and try to find the place and he spotted the bike which eventually led him to the restaurant.We were there a bit early and had to wait for our table to be ready. Once it was, we went upstairs to our table (Finally!). Anywho, when everyone turned up, we got the $59 banquet which includes baklava and all dishes were designed to share.

Now, the first dish was the seared harvey bay scallops and I had these the first time I was here. It tasted exactly how I remembered, totally AMAZEBALL! I loved them! Shame it was only one per person though.

Seared Harvey Bay Scallops


At the same time, kataifi wrapped lamb neck with sesame mayo came out and these were pretty average. They weren’t amazing but they weren’t bad either. They didn’t tickle my fancy.

Kataifi Wrapped Lamb Neck


The next dish that came out was the spinach and feta boreg (or a ginormous spring roll kinda!). I ABSOLUTELY loved this. I couldn’t get enough of it at all!

Spinach & Feta Boreg with Aleppo Mayo


The cured ocean trout came out and this was the BOMB!! Both Mr D and myself was LOVING IT! Mr D had so many pieces and SMASHED it! The ocean trout was super duper fresh and the creme fraiche…yummo!

Cured Ocean Trout with Apple & Fennel Salad, Creme Fraiche & Roe


A plate of grain salad came out and it was pretty average. Nothing outstanding about this dish but then again, it is a grain salad.

Grain Salad


Miss Asian Fusion’s eyes lit up when she saw the twice cooked chicken wings come out. They were glazed with pomegranate and crushed pistachios and Miss Asian Fusion was killing it. The wings were so juicy and the glaze were sweet and I really enjoyed it.


Twice Cooked Chicken Wings 


Lule Kebab was next and boy were these U.G.L.Y and I was hoping it tasted better than it looked! This was my least favourite. The lamb kofte was dry and the hommus wasn’t great either. This was quite disappointing.

Lule Kebab


Finally, the main came out (What? All those weren’t even mains yet?? I KNOW!) and it was the roast lamb rump. I’m not a lamb person but judging from the table, people were enjoying it. I found it to be tender, meat falling off the bone but it was a little bit dry.

Roast Lamb Rump


My favourite part of the night, DESSERT! The baklava came out and it wasn’t the usual baklava you’d get. It was a new style with a crispy filo, walnut toffee ice cream and salted caramel! My gosh, this was AMAZEBALL. It wasn’t super duper sweet but it was refreshing and very light (if that was even possible!). Everyone’s plates were licked cleaned after this dessert.

New Style Baklava


The second round at Sezar was pretty much the same as the first, with few outstanding dishes and others not so outstanding. Sezar, I might get on that bike out in front and cycle away.

The gang and I received 25% off the bill with the Entertainment Book at Sezar. If you are interested in purchasing the Entertainment Book for loads (and I mean LOADS) of awesome sauce foodie discounts and 20% of memberships sold will go to Sane Australia, just click here.

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