Din Tai Fung

Baby A wanted to do an outing and take mumsy and daddy bear for some dumplings and pop their ‘xiao long bao’ cherry, so where to take them then Din Tai Fung in the Emporium.


Luckily for us we got in straight away (you’ll need to have the whole party there before they’ll let you in) and didn’t have to wait a gazillion years to get it. Mumsy and daddy bear was so impressed at how spacious it was and were super excited that they were next to the dumpling making station (twas oh so cutie patootie).


The staff came back with a bag rack to dump our bags in so we had more space to smash those dumplings (HULK SMASH!).


J-Baby and myself decided to get refreshments since we were quite parched *fans ourselves with our hands*. I got the Yuzu Peach Freeze and this was ABSOLUTELY AMAZEBALL! I didn’t even share it with anyone else! J-Baby got the Strawberry freeze and it was pretty good but I liked mine better (YAHOOO!).

Yuzu Peach Freeze & Strawberry Freeze – $8.80 each


The babies decided to get the Silken Tofu with pork floss and century egg. I enjoyed the pork floss and the egg, but I’m not generally a tofu person. However, everyone else on the table LOVED it so I think that was a pretty good sign.

Silken Tofu with Pork Floss & Century Egg – $8.80


The spicy shrimp and pork wonton came out and from the title it said it was spicy, so when I popped them into my mouth, it still surprised me that it was spicy. It wasn’t overly too bad but it wasn’t one of my favourite dishes. It was quite average.

Spicy Shrimp & Pork Wonton – $10.80


Baby A wanted to get some noodles for daddy bear in case he was still hungry. He ordered the crumble chicken fillet with noodle soup. The chicken was pretty good but a little bit dry. The noodles were YUMMO but the soup itself was very bland. I wouldn’t recommend this dish.

Crumble chicken fillet with noodle soup – $14.80


Now, what we were all waiting for….dun dun dun DUMPLINGS! First up was their signature dish, the xiao long bao and they were little droplets of goodness. There was quite a lot of soup in them and both mumsy and daddy bear LOVED them!

Xiao Long Bao – $12.80 (8pc)


The babies wanted to get the dumpling gems which were colourful little things and each colour had a different flavour and the most distinct ones I could remember were: yellow – cheese, red – spaghetti, black – garlic, green – seaweed. It really does taste like the flavours, all in the juicy soupy.

Dumpling Gems – $15.80 (7pc)


Our last dumplings dish, the shrimp and pork. These were FANTABULOUS! God they had a little bit of juice in them and they were YUMMO!

Shrimp & Pork Jiao Zi – $11.80 (6pc)


Din Tai Fung does their dumplings well but it’s a bit more pricey for dumplings though. Xiao long bao and the pork and shrimp were on point and will definitely come back for amazing service, quick and good quality food and not being rushed out.

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Emporium, Level 4, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9654 1876

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