UK: Shake Shack, London (Covent Garden)

Mr D made me walk a gazillion miles to get to Shake Shack since he wasn’t into food, it was very rare for him to want to go somewhere so I sucked it up and trudged behind him. Shake Shack is an American Burger joint and has opened their wings internationally and is located in The Piazza at Covent Garden.



It’s a very fast paced environment and people usually know what they want to get so we stood in the corner and looked at the menu trying to not be in anyone’s way. I decided to get…you guessed it, the single shack burger with its special shack sauce. THIS. WAS. SO. GOOD! The buns were soft and fluffy, the beef was moist and the sauce was YUMMILICIOUS!

Single Shack Burger – £5.25


Mr D got the Shack Stack which was basically two burgers crammed into one, the cheeseburger and the shroom burger. This was way better than my one and I was super jealous that I didn’t get it (regrets!!!). I didn’t find the burger had too much filling, I thought it was absolutely perfect!

Shack Stack – £8.50


Mr D wanted fries and we HAD to get the cheese fries because…I LOVE CHEESE! It was totally worth it. I thought they were a tad stingy on the cheese though.

Cheese Fries – £3.95


We also got the Big Blend which was a chocolate and vanilla custard ice cream with biscuits and brownies all mushed together. It was pretty good but you gotta eat it quick before it melts and you get it all over yourself.

Big Blend – £5.00


I was s full after this, I don’t know if Mr D was ordering for a tribe but we managed to polish everything off. The service is super quick and you get a little buzzer thing to let you know when your order is done. The burgers were AMAZEBALL and so were the cheese fries (definitely a MUST HAVE). I hope they come to Melbourne because I would defs line up for this. You can come and shake me up anytime Shake Shack.

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Covent Garden, The Piazza, 24 Market Building, London WC2E 8RD, UK
Tel: 01923 555129

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