Pho Hung Vuong, Springvale

Mr D decided to take me down to Springvale to show me his fav pho joint, he just called it the chicken and cow place since they use to have the animals in the signs. Now they changed it to just the writing in Vietnamese (bonus points for me being able to read it!)

As you can see, it was fully packed but luckily for us there was a table free and we got it (BAM! Flash speed!!).

As soon as we were seated, the waitstaff took our order except I haven’t even seen the menu. She went off and returned with english menus and SURPRISE unlike other Vietnamese eateries, this place ONLY sells PHO! We ordered two Vietnamese iced white coffees (ca phe sua da) which is a MUST if you’re having Vietnamese food! It was pretty decent! Not disappointed. So good so far!

Vietnamese Iced White Coffee – $3

Mr D and myself got the same thing, pho fresh sliced beef (pho tai) but different sizes (I got the small of course since I didn’t want to out eat Mr D in public!). The food came out super quick and the first thing I noticed was there wasn’t a lot of sliced beef in the bowl. That didn’t bother me seeig as this was SUPER CHEAP anyway. I tasted the broth and MY GOSH it was AMAZEBALL! No offense mum but this was pretty DAMN good! The best one I’ve had in Melbourne! I didn’t even have to season it AT ALL! I downed it all and was pretty plesaed with myself.

Pho Tai (Fresh Sliced Beef): Small – $8.50, Regular – $9.50, Large – $10.50


The broth was so good and they gave you soooo much noodles. I was a bit disappointed in the amount of beef but for $8.50 I was so full anyway. However, don’t come here expecting the best service, just come for the food. It’s only walk in and generally there’s a line but it’s worth it, best pho I’ve had so far. Great pho join Mr D!

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15 Balmoral Ave, Springvale VIC 3171
Tel: (03) 9558 5147

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