SA: Rigoni’s Bistro, Adelaide

Work trip again (wooohoo!) and I had to find somewhere to dine alone…I walked up and down and found this cute italian bistro called Rigoni’s Bistro and they have won many awards including best informal dining in SA . It looked so cute and welcoming so of course I walked in.

It was all full (should have totally made a booking for one!) but there was space at the bar and I thought, why not since I wasn’t going to need much space anyway.

So Much Alcohol!

I was asked if I wanted still or sparkling water and since I was at the bar, it was complimentary. Forgetting that I was in Adelaide, I asked for tap water. The wait staff looked at me weirdly (this is no longer new for me anymore…) and said he’ll give me still water…GOOD CHOICE BRO! I ordered a glass of red (I think it was a cab sav…) and it was SOOO SMOOTH AND YUMMO (should have paid attention to what I got…).

By now I was super hungry and I got the Bruschetta di anatra which is bruschetta with confit duck, marinated goats feta, smoked almonds and watercress. I’m not a huge fan of goat’s feta but I thought why not, the wait staff recommended it to me. It was pretty good. I love the marinated cheese but they need to add more duck (BRING OUT THE DUCK!). I didn’t like the smoked almonds, too big and chunky. I found the bruschetta to be quite hard as well.

Bruschetta Di Anatra – $6.90
Confit duck, marinated goats feta, smoked almonds & watercress


Since I can’t eat a lot I went for an entree sized tre tagliatelle aromatizzato. This was a tri coloured pasta ribbons with Port Lincoln lobster, leeks, dill and bisque. THIS. WAS. SOOOOO. GOOOOD! Oh em gee! It wasn’t oily or too heavy, quite a lot of lobster (LOBSTERRRR!!) and so FLAVOURSOME! It was bright in colour and made me quite happy (sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere..). Recommended dish if you come here!

Tre Tagliatelle Aromatizzato – $21.90
Tri coloured pasta ribbons with Port Lincoln lobster, leeks, dill & bisque


I chose to skip dessert since I wanted to try dessert somewhere else. The wait staff kept checking up on me and asking how my meal was going (LOVE THAT!!) and was even happy to get me a new fork when I was given one that was a little dirty. To top it off, I was given wine on the house since it was the first time I’ve been to Rigoni’s (think it was because I was the loser at the bar on my lonesome…). Service is amazing, casual ambiance, friendly staff and great food! Will totally come back!

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27 Leigh Street, West End, Adelaide CBD, SA
Tel: (08) 8231 5160

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