D.O.C Pizza & Mozzarella Bar, Carlton

I convinced my friend Ms 3G to have dinner at DOC so I can pop my DOC cherry. Since there’s no booking for tables under 7, we decided to do a walk in at 6PM on a cold wintery Wednesday Night. I got there a tad late due to the yucky parking but Ms 3G got there at 6PM and she said it wasn’t super full at all. I rushed in to get away from the cold, I was hit in the face with warmth and Italian wait staff (felt like I was in Italy….kinda!). As we were deciding what to get from the menu, all I could smell was the pizza base, cheese and every italian goodness. GOD I was soooo HUNGRY!!!

The Menu


We decided to get two pizzas to share and BAM they came out quick as a snitch (YAY, Harry potter!!!). First up was the Pizza Salsiccia which comes with DOC deli’s pork sausages, crema di broccoli and mozzarella. It wasn’t the most prettiest little thing (little? I mean HUMUNGASAUR) but it smelled pretty yummo! I thought that it was average. The pizza base was phenomenal. It was baked goodies in my mouth and I wished it never ended. Wouldn’t really recommend this one if you’re expecting amazeball pizzas.

Pizza Salsiccia – $20.90


We also got the Pizza San Daniele which has San Marzano tomato, D.O.P Buffalo Mozzarella and D.O.P San Daniele Prosciutto. This was absolutely amazing. It was sooo tasty, so goood, soooo heavenly!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this pizza. Will totally recommend this. Ms 3G also agreed on this dish!!!

Pizza San Daniele – $24.90


Finally, we were so stuffed but when the wait staff came over to ask if we wanted desserts….OF COURSE WE SAID YES! We decided to share a dessert since we were at the point of unbuttoning our pants. We got the sweet goat’s cheese tiramisu with pavesini and montenegro. I was told the goat’s cheese won’t be strong and if it was, I can get it changed. To be honest, it was a teeny tiny thing. I found it to be very creamy (the delish part) but not enough of the layered espresso soaked sponge filling. That was a bit disappointing. But nonetheless, we managed to polish it off.

Sweet Goat’s Cheese Tiramisu – $10.90


Overall, come for the amazing pizzas because that’s what they’re known for. Sure the tiramisu is the most popular dessert but I’ll recommend you get something else. Will definitely visit again.

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295 Drummond St, Carlton, VIC
Tel: (03) 9347 2998
Website: www.docgroup.net

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