Satu Produk Durian, Melbourne

So I walked past this place in Chinatown on an outing and decided to make a date with a friend to come here since we both LOVE durian (KING OF THE FRUITS!! YEAAAH). We got here late on a Wednesday night and it wasn’t particularly busy. We found a table and looked through the menu. I got myself a durian smoothie (such a sucker for it, seriously) and my friend got the durian mille crepe. I found the smoothie to be very disappointing, it tasted literally like milk with a teeny tiny hint of durian. Where was the durian flavour? Where was the amazing exotic fruit? Dun dun dunnnn….disappointment was what I got. My friend’s Durian Mille Crepe was actually pretty good. You could taste the durian. 

I decided to be daring and also got the Durian Parfait. So, this wasn’t soft at all, it was really icy and guess what? Yep, no durian flavour at all! Seriously? I came here so I can enjoy the flavour of durian in public and not get judged but I’m not getting my Durian Fix.

I also got a last dish but I kind of forgotten what it was called….it was in one the specialties in the menu and it was basically a pastry with durian in the middle. Let me tell you, the pastry was there, the durian…zilch! *anger rising*

The dish I forgotten the name of…

My disappointed purchases

So overall, the service was pleasant but the food isn’t worth coming here to catch up over smoothies, durian and desserts. I’m so disappointed because I was so excited about this place and it’s such a shame. If you want a good durian smoothie, I’d suggest going to a Vietnamese restaurant for your durian fix.

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 206-218 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
Tel: (03) 9650 1552

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