O’Town, Glen Waverly

We decided to duck into here for a quick dinner since we were all starving and cold on a Saturday night. Luckily we arrived when we did at 7pm because as soon as we were seated a huge rush of customers came in (like they all just teleported here all at once!). There was no service at all. We didn’t receive any menus and had to keep asking for it and finally they brought it around AND they gave us one less (I was the sacrifice and had to wait patiently).

After finally selecting what we wanted, you have to write down you order on the supplied sheet and press the button so they come by and collect it (guess they’re trying to phase out customer service…how sad…).

My kopi’C came out and it on the description it said it was evaporated milk coffee (not really sure what that meant but WHO CARES). Very sweet and delish. LOVE IT!!!

Iced Kopi’C

We got a sharing dish, the penang chee cheong fun which was the traditional rice noodle rolls served with shrimp paste, chilli sauce and sweet sauce. This was a dish I’ve never had before…and I don’t think I’ll get it again. There was an after taste which I didn’t enjoy but luckily there were other people on the table that enjoyed it….

Penang Chee Cheong Fun

My dish was the noodles and ribs and it was disappointing. The sauce was super sweet and the ribs weren’t soft and tender either.

Noodles with Ribs

Mr D got the crispy noodles with combination and when it came out, it looked ummm displeasing to my eyes. It was too eggy tasting and the noodles tasted burnt because it was kinda burnt (ewww…).

Crispy Noodles with Combination

My friend got the sweet and sour pork (Yep….she almost picked the special fried rice….but both were as a bad choice as each other!!) and this too was disappointing. It was a bit spicy (unexpected hit!!!) and was super sweet (what is with this place and sweet things??!!).

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sorry O’Town, sure the service was quick (when we had service) but the food was a bit below average to come back…

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19 Royal Parade North, Glen Waverly, VIC
(03) 9802 2809
Website: www.otown.com.au

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