QLD: Black Bird bar & grill, Brisbane

Went here on the whim for dinner on a work trip and my gosh it was so good. The decor is the 1920s and feels very exclusive when you enter the restaurant. It overlooks the stoney bridge in eagle pier.

For entrée we got the silk purse from sow’s ears with glasshouse mountain snails and green goddess dressing and it was a touch dry. We also got the warm citrus cured NZ king salmon with baby squid, garlic, Saffron and ink linguini. The whole dish was amazing with really fresh flavours.  Clearly it was so good I just wolfed it down without taking any photos…

For the main course I got the 200g kobe cuisine wagyu steak with house made coleslaw and caramalised red onion sauce. The steak itself wasn’t as tender as I liked although it was cooked to medium-rare perfectly. The coleslaw and the caramalised onion sauce was on point.

Finally the dessert, oh my gosh, the dessert! I ordered Chestnut sponge with baked quinces & honeycomb ice cream. When it came out, my eyes were popping with excitement.  The presentation was beautiful and once I tried the dessert, I didn’t even offer to share it. The sweetness of the sponge cake with the honeycomb ice cream made it heaven in my mouth.

I wouldn’t come back for the steak, maybe my steak had a bad day. But the dessert, that was AMAZEBALL and it will be what makes me come back for it.

123 Eagle St, Brisbane CBD
(07) 3229 1200
Website: www.blackbirdbrisbane.com.au

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