QLD: Bishamon Japanese Restaurant, Spring Hill

Work trip again woooo! Upside, I get to try out new places. Downside, I have to eat alone. So once again I made my way around the area and found a cute little Japanese restaurant two minutes away from my hotel in Spring Hill.  I was hungry, I was tired and there was room for me.

Stepped in and was welcomed by the hostess and was seated next to the window.  I ordered the Kozaemon Kimoto Sake while I looked over the menu and it was refreshing, fruity and dry.  I decided to get all entree seeing as my belly can’t handle a lot of food. 

Seaweed and avocado salad was the first thing that came out because I’m always craving seaweed.  This was unexpected and the seaweed was very fresh with tomatoes, lemon, leafy greens with shiso dressing and the dressing had a flavour punch to it.

One of the chef’s recommended dishes was Wagyu Beef Tataki where the beef is sliced thinly and grilled slightly and served with soy vinegar sauce.  This I had to admit was so good. The wagyu was so tender and you didn’t need a lot of the sauce either.

Finally the last entree I got was the Yaki Gyoza because I’m a sucker for dumplings AND it was on the Chef’s recommended list too (Double Win!). When it came out, I had a blank look on my face and the waitress replied saying it was what I ordered. It came out upside on the pan. The meat was juicy and when dipped with the soy vinegar sauce, will definitely come back for it! Gyoza, you did not disappoint!

If I get sent up for work to Brisbane and I stayed at Spring Hill again, will definitely come back here for dinner.  Reasonably priced and great gyoza, who can say no.

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500 Boundary St, Spring Hill 4000, QLD
Tel: (07) 3832 3888

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